About your earrings:

All earrings are hand made from polymer clay. Putting our love and care into each piece making the gorgeous earrings that all you fabulous ladies wear. We carefully mould each piece, cut into shapes & bake. All our backings are stainless steel.

Caring for your earrings:

Although a strong material, polymer clay earrings still need to be treated with care as they can break easily if not treated & stored properly. 

The best way to keep your earrings fabulous is by storing in a cool, dry spot and preferably on a earring board where they can't be damaged or easily broken and lost. 
Avoid showering or getting your new pretties wet. Avoid spraying your perfumes near them.



Please keep out of reach of children, and do not allow them to handle, play or chew on your earrings or necklaces as they will break off and can potentially become a choking hazard. 
NEVER leave a child unsupervised with your earrings or necklace.


If you have the unfortunate event that your earrings or necklace breaks please contact us straight away either through email or our Contact Us page, sending a photo of the earrings or necklace.
We will not refund or replace items that have been stored or treated incorrectly. We will also not refund or replace items after 6 months of being purchased. 
Proof of purchase will be required.